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    Veterans Resolution Foundation is a Veteran run organization; designed to bring Veterans together in a community of like-minded individuals. With the events of 2021 and the lack of accountability of this administration and the death of our fellow Marines, Navy and other members, our duty has never been so important. We are the Watchmen of our country. Veterans have a keen sense of duty to our country and that never goes away. The Oath we have taken never expires. We also stand watch for our Veterans, and we move forward on their behalf when the need arises. We assist veterans who battle ptsd, depression and suicide. Our Suicide Prevention Goals never stop. Changing the number of 22 veterans a day to 0 is our goal.

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    Looking for Donors

    If you are interested in donating to us as an affiliate or donor, please contact us. We never leave a man behind. In order to fullfill this, we need your support. Whether it is a link to our page, a single donation or a recurring donation, everything will help. Be a part of our great cause and please stand with our Veterans.

    Our Organization has helped locate a lost Marine in the mountains of North Carolina by sending vehicles, supplies and men and women to look for the lost veteran. We have assisted veterans with cross country trips to move and get into better living conditions as well as assisted financially with food, clothing, and essentials. We have saved numerous military members active and inactive form killing themselves. Funds donated by our t-shirt sales have helped veterans who have lost jobs and Veterans with families living in hotels and their cars. When our military was attacked at recruiting stations in Chatanooga Tenn, our members stood watch for three days selflessly until the SEMPER FI Bill was introduced to arm our recruiters. We are asking you to partner with us so we can move our organization into 2022 to provide even more support.

    Who are we, really?

    Here's what you need to know

    We are an organization with a passion for saving our veterans who made it home. We have a public presence on Facebook. We are on Twitter and we have a collaboration of Facebook pages all ran, administered by, and maintained by VRF members. We have an outstanding Suicide Prevention leader who is active every day and stands watch for any Veteran calling out for help.

    Every single member is a volunteer. Not one person is a paid member and they do this because of their dedication to not only protection of our country but the protection of our individual rights and of course to support our veterans. Their cause is higher than self and they all realize this notion is bigger than the single individual member.


    Looking for Sponsors

    Our Goals are simple. We need to remain a presence for our brothers and sisters in arms. First and foremost, we leave no man behind, so if we can help we will. If we are not equipped to help, we will lock in resources. We believe with your help, we can help more veterns than ever before

    By Reaching out to our brothers and sisters in arms, in any situation, Empowering them to stand on their own so that they can Sustain their well being, we can help them Grow in this process to help other veterans who are in similar situations.

    We intend on building a sound environment where veterans can join together, support each other morally and spiritually in physical locations throughout America where they can relax, speak freely, unwind, and build their lives back. We would like to spend time focusing on firearms safety, outdoors experiential education, and other venues that would asist any who could just use the time to recouperate and relax. From our inception, we have stood for protecting our Homeland, America. We are dedicated to preserving our Veteran history by protecting monuments and other historical properties dedicated to Veterans of All wars. We are more than just your local U.S.O.